Kintara Rylathi

Elf Mystic bringin balance


Early Life: Infancy to Adolesence (0-40 yrs)

Kintara always had a big heart and a will to help others. She could typically be found making friends with the less social kids, and standing up to school yard bullies. She was tested for latent magic talent by the Shanindra monastery. When she was the elven equivalent of a teen, she was sent away to study the Shinandra Path at the monastery. It was hard to leave home, but her parents were very supportive. It is considered a very high honor to have a child who pursues the Shanindra Path.

Early Adulthood (40-Present yrs)

A real book worm. Mature beyond her years. Never much for chasing the boys, but always sneaking out of her quarters at night to gaze at the starry heavens above. Outside of her required studies, she loved to read about the planets of the Pact Worlds. She always dreamed of exploring those stars. She has little talent for machinery but finds Androids absolutely fascinating. She also respects Lashunta arts and music, but finds their corporate centric society to be misguided and unenlightened. Since she has proven to be talented in the mystic arts and an adventurer at heart, her monastic masters of The Shanindra Path High Council have tasked her with going out into the universe and encouraging balance where balance is lacking. It is rare for a practitioner of her order to be sent out into the galaxy. This makes Kintara want to succeed and make her family and order proud.Her order also has a separate school/sect for solarians. Since solarians represent the balance of light and darkness in the universe, it is a fitting pursuit for her order. Kintara has a deep respect for solarians.

Kintara Rylathi

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